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Friday, March 31, 2006

The one with the first REAL post

Here I am sitting infront of my PC at 11 pm for the first time since November 2005. For those of you who know me, you pretty know what's the reason for my not being able to face my pc at such late hours of the night.

Anyway, I am suppose to write about interesting things and not rants. :) What should I write about now then? Aha! Blogs! I started blogging when I was in my industrial training 5 years back. Wow that seemed to be a really long time ago (which reminds me of my age again :-( ). I was quite ignorant about the blogsphere then. After a while I lost interest in blogging not knowing that Malaysian blogsphere actually did take off with the Project Petaling Street back in 2003.

Last year as I was surfing the web, I found numerous Malaysians blogging and they're really good! Some of them which I actually read daily now(that is, if they post daily). Then recently, my collegue suddenly suggests, "Why not both of us write a blog too?". There here I am, blogging now. ;) I will, of course try, with my best effort to make sure that I will not slack out this time around ;)

Happy reading folks!


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