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Friday, April 14, 2006

Movie: Goal!

Goal!Finally, I've watched the movie I've wanted to watch a looong time ago but missed it when it was on the cinema. Basically, the movie is about this young lad from Mexico, Santiago Munez (was then living in LA with his family without a permit), trying hard to pursue his dreams as a professional football player.

The story pretty much begins with Santiago enjoys playing football since he was a kid. However, due to his family's situation, he only gets to play in some college football team. And there, he was spotted by an ex-scout whom thinks he's got a real talent and potential in becoming a professional football player. He tried to persuade Santiago to give a it a try in Newcastle football club. Santiago's dad was totally against him pursuing his dreams and trying to stop him from doing so. As the story progress, the movie pretty much explain how difficult it is for a player to try and land themself a football contract and what they have to go through to be a professional football player.

The movie isn't just for football fans. It didn't focus a lot on football skills or what's the rule in a football game. Rather, it's got a very typical story line which simply explains how a young lad trying to pursue his dreams. I think it's suitable for everyone. You also get to see some famous football stars in the movie like Beckham, Alan Shearer, Steven Gerard etc.

Personally, I like the movie a lot. I must add that the main character,
Kuno Becker , does look a lot like a footballer :D. There's gonna be a trilogy and if I am not mistaken, we should be expecting Goal 2 hitting the screen this year. The story will be about Santiago Munez, after his exeperience in Newcastle, he's transferring to Real Madrid. In the second movie, you'll probably see even MORE football stars like Zidane and Ronaldo. I will make sure I catch the movie in the cinema this time. :p


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