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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Movie: The Machinist

The MachinistNot a very new movie, but I've finally watched it. For me, I think it's an excellent psychology thriller. :p Nope.. no storyline will be reveal here, else it would've take away all the fun of watching the movie. The movie is very spooky right from the beginning. It keeps you wondering what's going on, keeps you curious all the away.

With outstanding performance by Christian Bale (then Machinist, now Batman). You will be shocked by the way he looked in the movie! I can't believe he actually lost sooo much weight for the movie. He's skinny, very very skinny, litterally bones left. He's so skinny that I actually find it scary. I read from somewhere that he actually on live Tuna and an apple a day diet to be the way he was in the movie.

It's not the kind of movie that will make you scream or cover you face. But it's definately worth a watch!


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