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Monday, April 10, 2006

Movie: Underworld: Evolution

Underworld:EvolutionI've just watched Underworld: Evolution over the weekend. I love the first movie, however, the sequel doesn't seems as good as I hoped. The sequel has more storyline and explain more about the history and how the war between lycans and vampires started. Less action compared to the first. It is highly recommended to watch the first movie before attempting the sequel. Otherwise, you will be very lost in the movie as there are many explanations and involves many characters. Even I was quite lost. Maybe 'cause I sort of forgotten the characters from the first movie.

The sequel seems more brutal than I thought! I bet there were a lof of cencorship done for the cinema version. (Yes, I watched DVD :p) There were a lot of fighting, blood splattering, slicing.... it's pretty violent for me although it is not humans they are killing. They were some boobs to be seen and love scenes of Selene and the Hybrid. It's pretty interesting as I don't recall any love story in the first movie. The sequel introduced many new characters as well. You will be wondering who are they in the beginning because they only explain who are they towards the end.

Well...overall I wouldn't say excellent for this movie. A bit of a dissapointment for me. It's still a good watch. If you do plan to watch it, make sure you already watched the first movie to avoid getting VERY lost.


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