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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Movies: Munich

MunichI guess I'll have to watch the second time to understand this movie. I can't understand half the movie mainly because...
  1. German speaking English
  2. Arab/Palestinian/Israelis speaking English (I am not quite sure who actually, coz they look the same :p)
  3. Very untrustable and useless subtitles
Well...it's not like my English is bad or something, somehow I just have a hard time understanding the movie. However, I think this is a good movie and I like it. It wouldn't be everyone's cup of tea. It's a bit heavy, political...historical....for me. Hmm... I don't want to say much about the storyline. (Partly coz I dunno what to say :p) If you need more information, click on the image to read more. :D


  • Yeah I know what you mean... sometimes I question my own ability to speak English only because there are some accents that I can't understand.

    Lost In Translation -- something that I'll never see the beauty of. I dunno why people rave about that movie.

    By Blogger WriterOnMyWall, at 25/4/06 11:45 PM  

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