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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Office Rants

I am soo going to look down at the network and security guy in my office! He will be knows as "mrc" here. He is one fella who love to boast, act smart, not willing to learn and practically Useless. He joined my company as a tech guy (my company name shall stay anon), setting up servers, fixing PC etc suppose to be his job. But, he's lazy and he knows nothing! Best part of all, he's got this ridiculous high pay!!! What's wrong with my boss?? Has he gone mad?

He's 28, a person at the age of 28 still acting like a kid, boasting about his 5k salary. 0_0 5k!! 5k! How could someone like him get a 5k salary? I loook down at him even more until recently, to be exact, today. I discovered that he's NO techie in his previous company, he's just a Sales guy. Some sales guy who sells technical stuff. That explain WHY he knows nothing! That explains why when something went wrong with the website or the server, it is WE the developers who have to handle everything. He, mrc, just put his hands in pocket, sticking his head around asking "how is it?". He can't handle to shit. But, he loves to assume, pretends he knows everything, thinks he's more superior just becuase he's 28. Let me give you some scenarios.

Scenario 1
I was downloading my email for the first time in the morning, I noticed I had 100++ spam mails. Wondering why, I asked mrc why am I getting spam mails. He's the tech guy, he set up mail servers, naturally, I will look for him. The FIRST reponse he gave me when I asked him....
me: How come I am getting so much spam mails?
mrc: You went to use the email to sign up to some website is it? Must be la... the whole company never get any spam mails Only YOU!
me: No, I didn't. Why would I use my company email address to sign up weird stuff?
mrc: If you didn't sign up anything then why only you getting spam? If not, then must be your vmware! You have been going funny sites? Go and scan your harddisk, must be your pc infected with virus already! There's only 2 possibility, one is you sign up to some site, one is you get virus.
**Bare in mind that before he even investigate anything, he already made a couple of assumptions. Later I found out, I am not the only one who's been getting 100 over spam mails**

Scenario 2
Staff from another branch was having problem sending emails. Not knowing what to do, because mrc literally ignore them, they seek for another colleague(K) for help. Being helpful, the colleague sent an email to inform mrc about the situation. Why email? Because...knowing his attitude, the colleague do not wants to talk to him. Soon after the email...
mrc: How come other branch cannot send email never inform me?
K: I don't know, they just messaged me and told me to let you know.
mrc: *angrily* I have her in my messenger what, why didn't she tell me?
**That's because, informing him is uselsess**

Scenario 3
The branch having problem with their emails again. This time, K sent an email to inform him again.
--email content--
K: The branch can't send email, please check.
mrc: Not possible, everyone here can send email. They are using the same email server, here can send email means there can send email too!
K: I don't know why, they just told me they can't send emails.
mrc: Why didn't you forward me the error report? Where's the error report? How am I suppose to investigate?
K: *pissed* I am only passing a message, you shouldn't ask me about this.
mrc: ......no reply.......
**you see... assumptions again**

Everytime I see this guy walking around, being lazy, I often have this urge to just walk straight to his face and give him a hard smack on his face. Whenever he talks, I feel angry. Whenever I see him, I feel angry. Which means, I am always angry whenever he's visible to me. Why... why must I see him in office everyday. Oh god... how I wish he could just dissappear from my company.


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