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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

6 Feet Bubblegum!

Lately, I am very hook to Bubble Tape. It's an amazing 6 feet long of bubblegum. Yes~ you can chew till you go mad. wahaha... I love the Sour Apple Flavor, it's really sour once you pop it into your mouth. Most of my colleague whom eats it for the first time will give me this really sour face. haha...

The sour watermelon is just another flavor which I've tried. It's really nice too! After chewing a while, the bubblegum will taste sweet rather than the intial sour flavour! My colleague thought it was something you feed the cockroaches until I show him it's bubblegum! There's more flavors like Cotton Candy and their original flavor. I couldn't buy them all or I will chew till I go insane. 6 feet is a looot of chewing.

Want 6 feet bubblegum? You can easily get them at Giant. I notice that they only stock it at the cashier area. It cost RM 10.99 for 2 and RM 7.99 for one. Not cheap huh? It's imported from US though.

Check out their website at ยป www.bubblegum.com


  • *sweatdrop*
    6 feet long bubblegum???
    my godd....

    n yeah it does look like the cockroach poison... hahahhaa

    By Anonymous Xell, at 11/5/06 10:17 AM  

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