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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Cineleisure @ The Curve is now Open!

I've always enjoy going to The Curve because it's less crowded with a variety of good food. All this while I've been wondering when is Cineleisure gonna open and now it's open! whee~! Another choice to watch movie. :p Oh...and Metrojaya is open too! There's also a bar named Laundry, Italiannis and Kenny Rogers. Hmm... Laundry bar have a blog too! Check out their blog ยป Laundry Bar

Yesterday I was at the Curve to have a farewell lunch at Thai Express with my ex-colleague and her fiancee. She's leaving to Germany and will be staying there for good with her now fiancee, soon-to-be husband. :D Her fiancee is a German and doesn't have much German accent in is English. Surprisingly, his English has "lah" and "mah" in it. I guess my friend must've taught him. He even know some Mandarin and can name fruits in mandarin and when he requested for chopstick, he was saying "kuai zi". haha... A very nice guy. I wish my friend a safe journey and a happy marriage life. XD Bye... *sobs* (She's flying off next Tuesday and won't know when she's coming back)

Well...now to the point. Cineleisure! So happen I brought my camera so I've taken a couple of pictures. Behold~~~ You shall now see Cineleisure. haha... Actually it's nothing really special. It's a 4 story building with 10 Cathay cinemas. Soon to have bowling I guess, shops and restaurants. Currently, you can only see the cinema. :p

Cineleisure Main EntranceCathay Cineplex Main Entrance

There's a queue to buy movie tickets already.

While waiting to purchase your tickets,
there's a big screen for you to enjoy movie trailers.

This is where the cinemas is located. After purchasing the tickets,
just head upstairs and you can enter the cinema to watch your movie.

CinesnaxLeft picture: Getting in to the cinema
Right picture: You can buy snacks upstairs!

Preview LoungeThere's a preview lounge which I have no idea
what it's for :p

CineshopRight opposite the Preview Lounge there's a Cineshop
which sells movie goodies. :D

Pretty interesting and pretty place huh? Wait till all all the shops in the rest of the building is open, I'm sure this is gonna be another attraction and another reason for people to go The Curve.


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