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Saturday, May 13, 2006

KLCC trip - Al Marjan Restaurant

It was public holiday yesterday. Sylphiel and I rarely goes down to KLCC so we decided to head down for the Isetan sales. Sylphiel drove. The greatest achievement of the day was we reached KLCC without getting lost and came back from KLCC without getting lost too! Amazing! Sylphiel specially went to pump full tank for her petrol in case we get lost. haha...

We didn't do much in KLCC. First thing we went to food section in Isetan then we went hunting for lunch. We walk around and thought we shouldn't eat food that can be found out of KLCC. In the end, we settle down with this Lebanese & Persian cuisine - Al Marjan Restaurant.

They serve lunch buffet which cost RM 38++. We saw the food, not too expensive but we were not in a condition where we can eat a lot. :p In the end we settle down with their express lunch set which cost Rm 19.90++.

1. Mushroom Soup
2. Mint Tea
3. Lamb Kofta (Lamb Sandiwich)
4. Kabsa Rice

The lunch set comes with Mushroom Soup and Mint Tea. I had Lamb Kofta and Sylphiel had the Kabsa rice. This is probably the first time we eat Lebanese & Persian food. Everything seems to taste a bit sourish to us. The mushroom soup was a bit sourish. The orange sauce that came with the Kabsa rice taste sourish too! haha...

My lamb kofta was really filling. I couldn't finish the stack of chips they gave me. Neither did I finish the coleslaw. :p Sylphiel's dish taste kinda normal. However, her orange sauce was really good. I dipped the chips and my lamb kofta in it and it taste good! Slyphiel didn't finish her food either. :p

Overall I think the food was quite good. We might just come back to try their buffet during our next visit to KLCC. I might want to try their dessert too!

If you want to try some Persian & Labanese Cuisine, do come here and give it a try. It's in KLCC and it's opposite Madam Kwan and same row with Genki Sushi.


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