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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Movie: Da Vinci Code

Da Vinci CodeFinally, I've watched the movie yesterday. I really liked the book and have been anticipating the release of this movie. Somehow, after watching it, I have to agree with most that it's pretty dissapointing. :( Maybe my expectation was too high? Maybe not... In my point of view, if we remove the "religion" issue and just plainly judge the movie as a suspense, thriller and action movie, we can pretty much divide them into 2 categories of viewers.

1. Those who read the book
2. Those who hadn't read the book and new to the story

For me, I belong to the first. Those who have read, I believe they would find the movie somewhat dissappointing because we will somehow compare the movie with the book! Unless you already dislike the book in the first place, you might find the movie interesting or better than the book. It's always resonable to have the storyline changed a little when a book made into movie. It's the same here, but I don't quite fancy the changes. *Might contain a wee bit of spoilers so read on if you don't mind*

Take for example the very beginning of the movie, in the book, he was awoken by the news when he was sleeping. However, in the movie, he was contacted by the police when he was in the middle of an autograph session for his new book! The way he's contacted and showed the picture is ridiculous and illogical. It's a serious murder case! Why would some police show him a brutal murder picture, discuss the murder scene with him in the middle of the crowd?? He could've called him out to one corner before showing the picture just like that! Not while everyone is looking at him!

Another one was, after Teabing was kidnapped, Robert Langdon was on a quest to find out where the knight was suppose to be. They found out the answer was Sir Isaac Newton in the King's College library with the help of a reference librarian. It took him time and not easy. In the movie, he found the answer so quickly in a London Bus! Using a search engine of a student's phone. It was a student who teach Robert Langdon how to narrow down his search using the search engine. -_-'

On the other hand, my friend who is new to the story thinks the movie is ok. A very typical storyline. What interest him was the other stories in the movie like The Templars Knights, Priory di Sion. He was quite lost because all explanation was too short. They can only cover the main points. Which I think they can't help it. Who would pay money to watch a movie fulll of loooong explanation? Bet everyone will fall asleep.

Overall, it's watchable. Can be entertaining. Quite nice to see what you've read be brought to life. However, the movie lack of one very important element which is Suspense. There's no suspense at all unlike the book which makes you want to read more. Here, you can find the clue be solved quickly, immediately and very easily. Everything was straight to the point. Besides, I really don't think Tom Hanks fits in to the character as Robert Langdon. He was SOOO STONE! The spark between Robert Langdon and sophie Nevue is NOT there at all. *sighs* I think only Ian Mckallen played his character well.

Well, watch it if you want to see what you've read in the book brought to life. You can see the places they've been and understand the description in the book a bit more. Otherwise, it will be a bit boring. :p


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