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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Movie: Scary Movie 4

I've watched the movie ONLY because I've won these.....

To be honest, the movie is horrible. It's not funny at all. I don't think it's worth a ticket price or even worth watching DVD at home. :( Some of you might wonder why I watch it, the only reason is - Coz I won it. Otherwise I won't waste my money at all. I was hoping to get a good laugh, unfortunately, it didn't entertain me.

There were some scene which I find it funny but it's not VERY funny. You just laugh at that time and that's it. Nothing really memorable. Nothing catchy. Nothing to make you laugh over and over again. All you can think of is Lame. I think Scary Movie just got worse from the first movie to the last. It got lamer or maybe it's just we're already tired of the jokes. (I thought the first movie was really funny!) It exaggerates tooo much till you get kinda tired.

The movie runs for about 1 hour 10 minutes. Yup, it's THAT short. The base of the story is from War of the World and the main character in the movie is call Tom Ryan. Guess you know who they are imitating. Throughout the movie you can see scenes from The Grudge (Ju-On), Saw (If I am not wrong), Cinderalla man etc. Somewhere in the movie you will see impersonation of Micheal Jackson. At the end of the movie, you will see impersonation of Oprah Winfrey. Oh and I forgotten to mention when the stupid alien came out from earth it was a giant Ipod. -_-'

Overall, I would give this movie 1/5. Lousy lousy lousy... Waste of time. argh~ Only watch it if you have nothing else better to do. (Like me... nothing else better to do after work. argh~)

Anyway, if you wonder where I won the tickets... As you can see in the corner - I've won it from Malaysian Today. Some Free newspaper which you can get it at GSC and some other places but I can't remember where. It's always packed with sports news which makes me wanna grab a free copy whenever I sees it. If you can't get the Free newspaper, don't worry, there's always and online version here ยป Malaysian Today All you need to do is sign up with them - It's Free! Do check it out as they might have other contest running from time to time.


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