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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Psycho No.1

If you've read this post ยป Nightmare is Over you will probably know who I am talking about.
Why I call her psycho no.1? Apparently, nightmare is not over for some people. This girl (S) who was this mad woman's (KY) helper while she was around has been getting threatening phone calls after she left.

KY kept calling S to ask her to quit the job with her. She say since she's the one who brought her in the company, now that she left, S must leave with her! KY kept calling her all the time even at the weirdest hour like 6 am and 12 am. Since S recognize her number and can choose not to pick up the phone, she started using public phone to call her!

We were out lunch with S on Thursday, KY was still calling her. R decided to help S pick up her phone and told her she left the phone in office. KY called up the office to find out if R was really in the office. The fact is, R was having lunch with us as well. KY called back and told R that she know's she's lying and wonder why S do not wants to talk to her. The last sentence heard was "That bloody woman is my aunty's daughter!!!"

KY then called up S dad and told him what R said and even said "I will go office and whack her!!!" I can tell that S is really afraid coz KY is really crazy and we believe she WILL come up office and whack her.

Anyway, my boss knows about this incident and will be sending letter to her. If this problem continues, legal action will be taken. I just hope nothing serious will happen.


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