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Thursday, May 25, 2006

*sighs* Such Thick Skin....

Even I get tired of complaining about mrc but I need to type this here.

First, he kept bothering J. Sending her all sorts of sms say "I can't help falling in love with you", "don't let me down" etc. Then now, the most surprising thing that ever happen was he got confirmed and yet he is complaining!

Read this conversation...

mrc : I want to change job!
J: Why? You just got confirmed.
mrc: But I didn't get any increament
J: Your job is not very busy and your pay is quite high, why you want to complain?
mrc: I don't see everyone is busy as well. My job responsibility is very high.

If he were saying this to my face, I could've just smack him straight. What makes him thinks everyone is free? What makes him think he's doing his job well? I can't believe this kinda asshole exists and my mad boss actually confirmed him. This is utter crap!!!


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