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Monday, May 22, 2006

The Top 25 X-Men

Since lately all the hyped is about X-Men 3: The Last Stand I've decided to post this here. :p

I just came across an article about Top 25 X-men. Haha... I can't believe number 1 is Cyclops!!! I've never been a fan of X-men and I do not know any characters until recently. But my favourite is definately NOT Cyclops. I would prefer Wolverine and Nightcrawler. (coz the movie makes them so cool! haha...)

Anyway not to spoil your fun of reading I shall not mention more. Read if for youself here ยป Top 25 X-Men Have fun! XD


  • cyclops is the leader of the x-men, if u follow the cartoon...
    my fav x-men has always been jean gray...
    but i don't want to watch the movie...

    By Anonymous xell, at 13/6/06 10:38 AM  

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