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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Very late post for my Birthday @ Sakae Sushi

I am born on 1 May. Yes, my birthday is always a public holiday! This year, (the fact that I am getting older), I do not really want to celebrate my birthday. :p

Anyway, I just got back from Malacca the night before my birthday. Nothing much happen. I woke up, I went lunch with my friend, my boyfriend and his bestfriend (T). T's girlfriend was really nice and bought me a cake. :D In the end I celebrated my birthday in T's room. haha... See the cake above? It's a cappucino cake from King's Confectionary. *yum*yum* XD

Dinner at Sakae Sushi

Later at night I had dinner with the usual gang at Sakae Sushi. A small celebration which I treated all of them a meal in Sakae Sushi. My boyfriend, Xell, J...all were there and Sylphiel was there too! The reason why I chose Sakae was because none of them went there before and also because their menu is packed with a HUGE variety of Japanese food. :D Not to mention that the price is also quite reasonable.

Since it's my treat, everyone gets to order whatever they want as long as they can finish the food. :p This is not the first time I had dinner there, but this is the first time I get to try sooo many dishes out of their menu!!! *grins*

Apart from the standard sushi dishes, dons, ramen... what interest all of us was this kaminabe.

Kami means paper in Japanese. Hence, the so-called bowl containing the soup and stuff is made of paper. I have no idea what kind of paper is that, it can't be burn, it won't leak either. Can you see how gigantic is the mushroom? There's fire underneath to keep the soup warm. The dish was not bad but not excellent.

Then there was this Sukiyaki that taste tooo sweet. It's so sweet that you feel gross after you eat too much. This is probably the worse dish for the day. :(

My favourite dish for the day has got to be Okonomiyaki and the softshell crab. *drools* Softshell crab cost RM 6.90. hmm...Surprisingly cheap...or is it expensive? It seems cheap to me. :p Apart from that, there's tempura ramen, cold ramen etc etc. The bill cost up to RM 192!! But with the amount of dishes we've ordered and there were 7 of us eating. I think it's reasonable.

The whole night we were just chatting away. And until last Sunday only I received my birthday present. >.<
This is the book I've always wanted. I was actually thinking of ordering it from Amazon but the shipping fees is crazy!!! Anyway, my friend ordered this book through Borders. It is not as expensive as it is from Amazon but not cheap either :p Somehow I can't find this book in Malaysia. Out of stock since a few years ago and they never restock :( Thanks Xell and gang!!!

I also have to mention that I love the penguins from Madagascar. XD Sylphiel was shopping and she saw this cute set of Madagascar characters at Anime Tech, 1 Utama which reminds her of me *grins*. It's those tiny thing where you can hang on your phone. It's now being hanged happily at my office table. :p I will take a picture of it when I have the chance. (That's when I bring my camera to the office) Thanks Sylphiel!!!

My birthday celebration was simple, but great!!! You know, nothing can be better than spending your birthday with your boyfriend and best buddies. :D


  • ahh sorry for the delay in your present... hehehe...
    n sorry didnt get a cake for u... hehehe... forgot bout it... oops...
    n the sweet sukiyaki soup was okay wor....
    neway, long time i didnt cook okonomiyaki ar! one day i'll cook for u all again ar

    By Anonymous xell, at 13/6/06 11:15 AM  

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