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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Movie: Eight Below

Thanks to my sister, my laptop have been fried by lightning. I won't know when I will be online from home again. :( Anyway, I watched this movie last night and I think it is really one very interesting and entertaining movie this year.

You can see in the poster - there are many Syberian Husky. Although some say that not all are Huskies but there are a few Alaskan Malamutes. To be honest with you, they are SOOOOO CUTE!!! The storyline is really simple. It's about this bad weather condition that hits the Antartic. The plane that bring all of them to safety could not fit the 8 dogs. They were left there and the owner Jerry (Paul Walker) promised them that they will be back for the dogs. However the weather condition was too bad for anyone to get back and rescue the dogs. Thus the story goes on about how the dogs survived till their owner are back to get them.

The movie is really fun. It's great to see how cute are the dogs and different characteristics in each of them. Maya is the leader of the troup and another main character would be Max. Maya has all the leadership ability while Max is ametuer and fresh and makes lots of mistakes. But later in the end, Max played a very important role in the troop.

A must watch for all the dog lovers out there. You might require tissue as some scenes are really touching :p (Based on the fact that my friend cried watching the movie)


  • ahh i don't think i can watch this show then... anything with animals, i'll sure cry buckets and end up with swollen eyes for days...

    By Anonymous xell, at 13/6/06 10:23 AM  

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