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Friday, June 23, 2006

Movie: The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift

Worldcup is taking up most of my time which left me tired during the day most of the time. I took leave... so I finally got some time to catch a new movie.

Well... Overall I think this movie is a standard "ok-lah" movie. Well, here goes a brief storyline - This American kid who loves to race caused himself so much trouble that he has to be sent to live with his dad in Tokyo so that he won't be sent to jail. From there he met a guy name Twinkie which helped him discover drifting. He later got master named Han who taught him how to drift and gave him cars to drift with and the story goes.... I shouldn't talk to much about the storyline.

Anyway... There's a lot of chicks in the movie. Mostly Japanese. Wearing short skirts etc. Sometime you would wonder which suppose to have more focused - Cars? or the girls? It appears to me there are more girls than cars and the camera focus on more girls than cars. Anyway, overall it was pretty exciting though there were many bullshitting scenes. Not exactly bullshitting... but more towards ridiculous, impossible and exaggerates - in other word (canto - "sin ka").

Take for example the car that flew off the cliff and the driver survive and can climb out from the car while... another characters car got banged and it burst in to flame. And one car banged into this big concrete thing and surprisingly the driver didn't get much injury except for his mouth. Some drifting scenes looks very impossible too. But afterall it's still a movie. You can judge all the scenes for yourself.

I would recommend watching this movie but I must say that they do have a pretty lousy cast. First, the main character some American boy which looks so irriating and full of attitude problem throughout the movie. He looks like he's trying to copy the previous Fast and Furious main character's acting style. Second, an angry Japanese who cries and shout when he lost. Thrid, the evil Japanese that looks so evil and ugly that you will want to slap him.

Well...it's just what I think. So much complain but I still think it's worth watching. You could just watch it for yourself and see what I say it's true :p


  • ehh, i baru aje saw the ad of this movie (in German) here on tv la... hmmm, kesian me ler, cant go to cinema here coz i wont be able to understand what they say anyway, hahaha... i wanna go back home, sob sob...

    By Anonymous Rebecca, at 9/7/06 9:10 AM  

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