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Friday, July 14, 2006

Books: God's Debris

God's Debris
You can download the free e-book here » God's Debris e-book

2 days ago, Sylphiel introduce the book to me. It's not very long, it's just 132 pages or a bit more. Very easy to read but it really makes you think. The book is meant to make you think and I find it very interesting. In case you wonder who's the author, its' Scott Adams! The cartoonist who draws Dilbert.

Why is it free? Well, this book pretty much meant to be share and discuss with your friends. The book brings a lot of new concept about many big topic like god, evolution, quantum physics... No, I don't think this is a religous book. So don't worry, it doesn't mention anything nor condemn any religion.

Anyway, I will include a very very short snippet from pretty much quite the beginning of the book, at least you will get a feel whar sort of questions and answers u get in the book.

“Do you believe God is omnipotent and that people have free will?” he asked.
“That’s standard stuff for God. So, yeah.”
“If God is omnipotent, wouldn’t he know the future?”
“If God knows what the future holds, then all our choices are already made, aren’t they? Free will must be an illusion.”
Does it sounds interesting? If it interest you, why don't have a go and read the book? It's free anyway.


  • sounds interesting, already downloaded the book, will read it when i have time, ehehe...

    By Anonymous Rebecca, at 18/7/06 12:18 AM  

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