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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Finally! W810i ...

After a long wait for the phone to be out in the market... another long wait for the price to drop a bit... I finally go it!!! I finally officially owns a w810i! XD

This is one phone I've been eyeing on ever since I first saw it on the Sony Ericsson site (before it was out in the market). It's a walkman phone with 2 megapixels camera. It's pretty much the same as W800. There's a slight difference between both the phones though... the most obvious is of course - the color.. haha... and this phone does not use joystick for navigation. It's a quad-band (god knows why I need a quad-band phone, I don't go anywhere other than Malaysia) and it also supports EDGE. I also found out that I can set any music as my message alert which I notice some phones doesn't allow that. :p I can also set a sound that I've recorded as my ringtone. Cool huh? :p

Now to the story why I bought the phone...
A couple of days ago, my friend sent me an email about a digital camera warehouse sales at Foto Miami (somewhere near Jalan Templer). It was stated that the latest models of cameras, handphones, digital storage are available and upt to 70% discount! Well... I went, not knowing what to expect because there are times things are not as good as you expected.

To my surprise, I found them selling W810i at an amazingly cheap price. I might be outdated, but the last time I saw this phone in store, it cost RM 1700. However, they are selling at RM 1300 here! Installment plan cost RM 120 x 12 months = RM 1440. This phone model is still consider pretty new, so I bought it on the spot! I went for the installment plan, which was a mistake...Should've just pay 1.3. Anyway, I was all happy, went home, charge the phone for 8 hours.

Then... as I finally can use the phone, I tried to make a call. To my horror... I can't hear a single thing!!! The phone is spoilt!

  1. I can't hear a thing, neither can the one on the other line.
  2. The speakers doesn't work means walkman function is useless.
  3. I can't take pictures

Why would anyone wants a phone like that? It's completely useless!!! So...the next day I went back there to change for a new phone. The guy tested a while and told me there was something wrong with the software. And... he changed a completely new phone for me! (Whee!!!)

All I can say... I was damn unlucky. Anyway, my new phone is working perfectly fine now. *touchwood* Once again, I am a happy person!


  • congrats! at least he changed the phone for you. I hope you didn't shout at him!

    By Blogger snakebyte, at 1/8/06 7:56 PM  

  • ehhh, I want a new phone as well, jealous... :p

    By Anonymous Rebecca, at 2/8/06 3:44 AM  

  • yeaaah did u shoot him like i told u to???
    yayy so now u can record my voice as ur ringing tone... muahahahhaa

    By Anonymous Xell, at 3/8/06 9:16 AM  

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