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Monday, July 10, 2006

Italy won the World Cup!!!

Congratulations to Italy for winning the worldcup!!! YEAH!!! I am one happy person!!! Not becuase I won money it's because they're the team I support!!! I was so prepared that Italy might lose because they're just unlucky in penalty. But this time..this time... they scored all 5 penalty! XD

Also, congratulations to Gianluigi Buffon for winning Lev Yashin award and Cannavaro (Silver Ball) and Andrea Pirlo (Bronze Ball) for being the second and third place of Golden Ball award. The Adidas Golden Ball award went to Zinadine Zidane which did a spectacular performance in the tournament except for the head butt incident. hahaha... Read more...

And the funniest thing that happen this time was what Zidane did. He actually head butt Meterazzi 15 minutes towards penalty shootout and he got sent off for that. It was really funny to see Zidane performing his Shoalin KungFu "Tit Tao Gong". It's sad that a legendary player like him ended his worldcup with a red card.

Anyway, if you miss the "Tit Tao Kung" action watch it here ยป Tit Tao Kung

The site explains to you why Zidane did what he did... and you wonder it might actually be true. haha ... XD

Below is a gif for easy viewing. :p


  • bahh germany shud win the world cup... yeah i'm a sore loser... hehehe

    By Anonymous Xell, at 10/7/06 5:00 PM  

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    By Anonymous dianna_wills, at 10/7/06 6:26 PM  

  • ehhh, i really pitty Zidane lo, after kena molest then kena red card, kesiannya... anyway, congrats to Italy la, i am quite happy, at least Germany was beaten by world champion (kalah also "heart comfort mouth comfort"), hehe... and it's good that WC is over, coz now i can have better sleep and so do you, keke...

    By Anonymous Rebecca, at 11/7/06 4:17 AM  

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