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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Not the first head-butt for Zidane

Zidane's head-butt during the worldcup seems to be a hot topic after the world cup. As I was reading some football transfer news, I came across this pretty interesting article.

Apparently, it's not the first time Zidane head-butt anybody. In his entire football career, he's got 20 red cards and have head-butted, stomped, slapped, kicked players before. If you have a bit of time, and you read a couple of the readers comments, you can generally divide the people in to 2 types - Italian fans and Zidane Supporters.

It's true that Zidane is a legend and he did very well in the world cup but that doesn't give him the authority to head-butt any player at all whether he is provoked or not. You know well enough that you are playing at the finals, and by whistle ends (which is not too far away), you will either scored a goal or playing the penaltiees shootout. No matter how angry you are, you can fight with him later after the match.

You committed a foul, then you will have to prepare to get punish for it and not hoping that you can get away with it. This is a pretty serious foul and not just a push or so where you just get a yellow or warning. Besides, even having Zidane till the penalty, doesn't mean he will 100 % help France win the world cup.

What's done cannot be undone, and I think Zidane paid for his action by getting a red card. He deserve a red card and there's not doubt about it. Whether Meterazzi was acting or provoking, the truth is, Zidane DID head-butt him. If he didn't do it, Meterazzi can't act as well.

It's just a sad way for a lengend to end his career like this. There's no way for the French to get the cup back eventhough they get Meterazzi punished or whatsoever. Besides, Italian deserves to win the cup as much as the French deserve to win.

For me, I am happy to accept Italian as the winner which they will be for the next four years!!! Forza Italia!!!


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