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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

So damn angry!

It was such an angry thing to heard! You know what we found out? stupid mrc has installed a spying programme in the network to spy one everyone's msn conversation!!!

That totally explains why he knew when were to going to look for J for lunch! I can't believe he can be that cheapskate to do something like this! Spying on others' conversation! It's personal... how could you do that???

The most amazing thing is what? If he did spy one others conversation, then he must've know that we hates him!!! Why is he still going around places with all like he doesn't knows anything? Why is his skin so thick??? Why he still join everyone for farewell when he knew no one wants him to be there?

I seriously can't believe someone like this exists on this planet!!! 29 years old! Go get freaking get a life! Thank god he left the company already! >.<


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