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Sunday, July 30, 2006

SS2 Penang Street Kopitiam

After changing my handphone and spending more time there helping a friend to buy pen drive and asking price for some other items, my friend and I are back to SS2 around 12 and just in time for lunch. Having eaten at quite a lot of places in SS2, we decided to try out this Penang Street Kopitiam. It's located same row as Murni.

Once you enter the restaurant, you can see the decor is pretty much kopitiam style. The wall is decorated with wallpaper of the penang view. The menu was pretty impressive with a lot of variety, mostly penang food. The drinks - to my surprise, are not very expensive as some restaurant do charge a lot on drinks.

So... I decided to order the penang curry laksa. mmm yum yum... taste good... with the chili it taste better. I guess that's the penang style right? You need the chili paste for the curry to taste good. However as you can see in the picture, there isn't much other stuff serve with the curry. There's a couple of bean curd... I can't really remember what else is inside. haha...

My friend had the fried kuey teow and he said it taste ok. With the portion, I don't think it's filling enough for him. Overall, I think the food is not bad, ambience is quite nice. The portion is a bit small for big eater though. It's just nice for me :D The noodles cost about Rm 4.90 and the drinks range around RM 2.90. I wouldn't call that very expensive, it's still ok and I think I might still go there again. :p


  • I wanna eat... sob sob...

    By Anonymous Rebecca, at 2/8/06 4:02 AM  

  • yeah lar... the kuey teow look too little for kc...
    eeee curry... bahh...
    and are u sure that is laksa?? it doesnt look like laksa lar.. looks like bihun wor...
    n so damn expensive for the noodles... rm4.90?!!! walau!!

    By Anonymous Xell, at 3/8/06 9:19 AM  

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