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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Death comes without warning...

Let's see... your perpective on life changes when something drastic/tragic happens to you or someone you are acquainted with. Death came upon me few weeks ago and I didn't know how to react or even express how I felt after that. I was just numbed and my mind was blank. There was an accident at my workplace and a man lost his life. He landed just a few metres from where I was sitting as I am situated pretty near to a window. I heard him fell from 7 stories above and didn't even thought a man was falling to his death when I heard the sound... I thought it was machineries bumping around.
After that, things had been uncomfortable to me. I can still feel his unsatisfaction feeling even after the Taoist monk come and gave his prayers to release his spirit from here. Only after the 7th day of his death, then the heavy feeling was eased and also coz I started playing the Metta mantra here.

And work still sucks...



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