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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

An Evening with Jim Brickman @ Genting Part 2

Now let's continue with Jim Brickman... The concert started at 8pm. However, Jim Brickman didn't appear until 40 minutes later. Fauziah Latif and this girl named Phoebe from UK came out to sing before Jim Brickman. :p I suppose it's because there are plenty of people still coming in to arena of stars at that time. :p

The Stage

Fauziah sang 4 songs and 2 of them were Jim's songs but translated to BM and it will be recorded in her new album. The 2 songs are Your love and Valentine (Kekasihku) (I think!) hahah... I can't really remember the BM title though. If you wonder who is she, she's actually one of the judge for Malaysian idol and people usually call her Kak G. She looks really pretty that day and her singing was good. XD

Fauziah Latif

After her came this Phoebe from UK to sing another 4 songs. One of them was done a duet with Fauziah. Honestly I have no idea who is she but her voice is sure good! But whatever she was wearing looks really horrible. And her hair! I wonder who's her hairstylist. Her hair makes her looks so old!!! >.<

Phoebe from UK

After the 2 of them, finally Jim Brickman is out!!! He started off playing this song.... I found this on Youtube. Someone went the same concert and recorded the opening. XD Isn't it nice?

Jim Brickman Opening

And the below is recorded by our dear Xell. It is about Jim Brickman explaining his left leg. Throughout the opening, Xell have been asking me about his left leg. There was something wrong with his left leg because it kept moving all over the place. Well... then later he gave a really funny explanation about it.

Jim Brickman and his left leg

After many songs he introduced this singer from US named John Tronus Trones. (Thanks to a kind anonymous telling me how to spell his name :p) Honestly, I have no idea who is he as well but he's got a good voice and he sounds very very Disney. I do not know how to spell his name as well and I have a problem Googling him. Well, he's suppose to be quite famous in the US and he came to Malaysia with JIm Brickman 3 years ago.

He played many songs from his new albums, old albums, disney album... He played a couple of Olympic songs which he's composed. Fauziah, Phobe and John all came out in turns to sing while Jim played his piano. Everytime after one of them sang and went backstage, he will play a piece of his music on his own. He will stop and give some explanation, entertain the crowd after each song he played.

It was a really lovely evening with Jim Brickman. For me, the concert was absolutely great! I didn't know Jim Brickman is realllllly funny, charming and very very entertaining. Apart from the lovely piano he played, he gave a lot of explanation, told stories and they were all really funny. According to Xell... her headache was gone right after Jim Brickman starts playing his piano. haha...

If he were to come again, I am sure I will go for his concert again!


  • The correct spelling of John's last name is Trones. He has his won website here in the US.
    Enjoyed yu\our review and video. Thanks!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12/8/06 10:24 PM  

  • oh yes... my headache miraculously disappearead the moment Jim appeared... I really loved his performance!! So Zen, you must play some of pieces from his score book *ahem* your bday present from me *ahem* when I'm over at your place!!!

    And thank you, kind anonymous one for your comment and for correcting Zen on John's last name!

    By Blogger Xell, at 13/8/06 9:08 PM  

  • My Pleasure!
    Be sure to take a look at John's website, johntrones.com He has a new Christmas CD coming out on October 31st.
    Take care,
    Nancy in Minnesota (USA)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 13/10/06 11:21 PM  

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