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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

An Evening with Jim Brickman @ Genting Part 1

Last Saturday, me, Xell, Xell's sister and 3 Xell's colleague were up in Genting to catch Jim Brickman live in Genting. 6 of us took Genting express bus from KL Sentral 10 am in the morning. We were nearly late... and the bus driver was making noise. HAHAHAHAH.... Anyway, due to maintenance (though I personally suspect it was hungry ghost festival celebration at Gohtong Jaya), the Skyway is closed and thus our bus will bring us straight up to Genting! Which I think is good because you need not wait in queue for the cable car to take you up there. And due to listening too much of cable car falling down stories, I am in no mood of taking a Skyway during the Hungry Ghost month. XD

Yes, my colleagues made me rush to the bus to stop the bus driver from driving off... leave it to them to think that I'm really good at creating chaotic scenes or distractions... and the driver is really grouchy but I think deep down he's a nice fella coz he didn't yell at me to not bring in my ribena (uwahh... I had to throw away my ribena drink) and not to eat my McDs in the bus. And he even blasted non-stop oldies all the way up to Genting! Yay, I was happily singing along to all the songs... hehehe Anyway, I was thankful that the cable car was not operating (I didn't even have any thought that it could be due to the hungry ghost festival... hehehe), I'm always screaming like an idiot when the carriage takes off...

Once we've reached, which was about an hour plus later, we went straight to collect our room. It was still early, we got our 2 rooms pretty quick but they were not joined room. The staff there told us to come back at 1pm and we can have our room changed. Since I told Xell I want a room at higher floors... We got rooms on the 23th Floor. hahaha...

The bus ride was horridly slow... even a Myvi and Kelissa zoomed pass the bus...
And Zen didn't even make use of the scenery from the 23rd floor... ishh...
(Hey... There was no scenery except for the window facing another room's window and there was a half naked men there... EEEEEEEEE, I closed the curtains right away!)

After settling with our rooms, rest a little, we were off to theme park. (A bit unwillingly for me...haha) Coz they have 2 buy 2 free 1 coupons, all 6 of us is off to theme park. First stop... The Flying Coaster! Since Xell and sis and another girl choose 2 opt out for the ride. The rest of us went for it.

Flying Coaster cost RM 12 per ride!

A Close up look of the carriages

Well, we have a bit of screaming and shouting at the beginning, but overall, the ride was not very thrilling and too short. Most of the time I was praying that my shoes won't fly off in the middle of the ride.

Nice view of Genting Lake

A nice view of the lake

Later we went for boating since Xell's sis have been making noise she wants to go. Right after boating, Xell have been having headache which ruined her entire afternoon and evening. Somehow she managed to tahan and we went for more rides - more like rides which are mild like ferris wheel (yeah! I know!!!), antique car... Oh yeah... we went for the Super Tobaggon Ride too. I think we were all too heavy, somehow the ride was SOOOO BLARDY FAST! Faster than the last time I sat. I felt like I was going to fly out from the ride! Then we went for our all time favourite - Chair Lift.

By the time I finished all these rides, my leg was near to breaking. It was aching so badly that I think I want to chop it off!!! We went indoor and went for this MOST STUPID ride I ever sat in my life! 4D Motion Master. We got a pair of 3D glasses and due to the glasses, half the time I can't see anything on the screen. Seems like my right eye is blind, and apparently the 4D effects meant you get air spraying at your face and water sprinkled on you! We all came out wanting to die! DO NOT SIT THAT RIDE! I repeat...DO NOT. It was horrid!

Anyway, I don't think Xell could bare anything much longer after that. We went for dinner and went back to rest in the hotel before the concert.

Boat plus water plus sun don't go well with me... I really had a bloody headache the entire day! And the tobaggon ride was not bad despite me screaming like an idiot again and I couldn't come out of the tobaggon coz I was laughing hysterically. Yes, I admit that the Ferris Wheel was pretty slow... I wanted to run out screaming freedom when the girl finally let us off the ride...

I hated the stupid 4D Motion Master... dunno who's the one who wanted to go for it. I almost puke during the stupid thing, good thing I have a very strong control on my mind... I ended up removing the stupid 3D glasses and just close my eyes and meditate with the stupid chair vibrating and making squeaking noises...

And yeah, I was really sick towards the end of the day and could barely touch my food too... I was so afraid of puking there... but I forced myself to eat coz the waiter was so kind... hahaha oh well at least I received a very good head massage by my colleague after that...

Footnote: Fonts in purple are Xell's point of view

[To Be Continued...]


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