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Thursday, August 10, 2006

KFC Meltz

I've been reccommended by my sister that KFC Meltz taste good. So during lunch time, I went to give it a try and my my... it was not bad at all! haha... You know... KFC kinda lost their standard here in Malaysia nowadays. They just don't taste as good as they used too and the chicken seems to be getting smaller. Whenever they introduce something new, the something new usually just taste OK rather than good.

I wasn't very convinced when my sis told me it's nice. And look at the packaging, it comes in a box. haha... Make it looks so cute. :p

And as you open it... I was a bit dissappointed because the Meltz is smaller than I've expected. *sweatdrop*

Look at the contents. The Meltz is made of Mozarella cheese, chicken cubes, tomatoes and tortilla chips. All the ingredients are wraped in this bread. I dunno what are those bread called. haha... The KFC advertisement kept telling people the ingredients of Meltz.

Well...it certainly taste quite good. Though small, I find it quite filling. Maybe coz of the Pepsi. Do give it a try when you guys go to KFC.


  • it's spicy... bahh... my sis lied to me... she said it wasn't spicy but it was!!!
    I'm not eating it ever again!

    By Blogger Xell, at 13/8/06 9:00 PM  

  • hahaha! It's not spicy lah! Everything is spicy to you. Eh, but the one I ate at the KFC Pudu is quite bigger than the one you ate....

    By Anonymous ya, at 25/8/06 6:27 PM  

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