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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

'Krak krak' machines....

I have started a new obsession... those cute mini toys in spheres from the 'krak krak' machines, which is found at Toy 'r' Us, 1Utama (I'm not sure whether it's found in other Toy 'r' Us branches since I'm practically living in 1U). I'm collecting the mini windchimes and Hello Kitty toys... huhuhuhu I want MORE MORE MORE!!

Anyway, 1 token costs RM4, and for my collections, it'll cost 2 tokens to have a chance to 'krak krak' and hope you get a different toy (I feel like I'm playing the jackpot). While Zen is collecting the Gundam mini figurines all because she wants to get the Freedom one (seriously, I don't know when she's gonna get it...) and it only costs 1 token to get those.

and on Zen's insistance... I have to add that these 'krak krak' machines are .... i forgot what she told me...

okiee... they are imported machines from Bandai and it cost 100 yen per token in Japan....

if I didnt add this, she wouldn't upload the pictures for me.... hidoii ne....

>o< >>> Xell get bullies by Zen


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