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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Movie: The Lake House

Went to catch Lake House at GSC 1Utama last night. Actually, intended to watch at the new cinema next to the Curve but then the timing was horrid... how can I possibly have time to fly allll the way to the Curve from my workplace within 30 minutes??! Anyway, most of the movies there was at 6-7pm time slot... bah... and besides that, wanted to watch Just My Luck at first but the timing sux at GSC too... so in the end we decided to watch Lake House as the incentive of Keanua Reeves more than offset the bad reviews my colleagues were yelling at me when I was purchasing my tickets online...

And so how was the movie? But before that, I'm supposed to describe what the movie is all about in the first place...Anyway Lake House begins at a house on the lake... it's pretty cool looking actually and it's all made of glass and steel. And the story takes off following the two main characters: Kate (Sandra Bullock) and Alex (Keanu Reeves) standing at 2 different timeline. Alex is in the past in 2004, while Kate is in the present, 2006 and they are connected by a bloody postbox...

The movies was funny in some bits of pieces along the extremely slow-paced storyline. There were some illogical bits in the movie too (which I am currently still arguing with my colleague about the concept of time-travelling which ended up getting pretty heated up). So to those who have some intentions of catching it, please just sit there and don't think at all and just absorb the story and don't end up snoring like the lady sitting next to my sister!

Overall comment: It was ok ok for me... oh yeah I forgot to mention that the movie is adapted from the Korean movie "Il Mare", which I have the DVD and have yet to watch it... too lazy to watch it...

Rating: 5 out of 10 (just for the sake of the cute dog even though how stiff Keanu and Sandra was... and the dog was more natural than them... and Keanu looks so pudgy!!! *screams in horror* )

@ o @ >>> Xell screaming in horror


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