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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Random Post

I know the blog it's getting inactive lately. Some things happen to me and Xell on the same day which resulted in both of us stopped blogging for a short while. Hmm... whatever happen to me is quite normal but whatever Xell had to experience was a bit tragic. So I shall let her blog about it when she feels like it.

As for me... I am currently unemployed. Back to days where I can start bumming around. *wink* To everyone... I've resigned. You guys should've seen me complaining mostly abour this mrc fella which is no longer in the company. But there's other unhappy things about the company which I didn't complained about here. To those who knows the reason behind the resignation, please keep it to yourself for some time lar. And to Endoru, if you are reading this post, I do owe you an explanation over what happened. So do message me when you are free if you want to know the "real" truth. haha... Yup... and I meant real truth.

But whatever happen, I am happy to be sitting at home looking for a better job. At the mean time trying hard to complete the project that I am working on now together with Sylphiel. And Sylphiel... if you are reading this... hehe... sorry to say that I've been a bit lazy for the past 2 days. Don't scold me ahhhhh.... Must fast fast gao dim! haha...

Well... I've been lazy in looking for jobs as well. Very inactive. I am just sitting here hoping for the job to find me rather than me looking for jobs. haha... yeah yeah... I wish to be head hunted lar. Fortunately, this job agency did asked for my resume and so I went for an interview with them yesterady. :p

She told me I can speak good English. hmm... People who knows me...is that TRUE??? ahahahah.....

Ok lar... I gotta get on with my work before Sylphiel finds out I am lazy and scold me. (No, she's not fierce. Nope nope...)


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