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Friday, September 29, 2006

All Stressed Out

Working in my new company just doesn't seems as easy. For the first week, I know I have a lot to do already. But I was clueless and work haven't "really" started. 2nd week, the work dump to me by my x-college mate now x-colleague. He left, and I am here to chew up all the scripts he's done/not done.

The people here are all very friendly and really willing to help. I have no complains over the working environment. But for now... it just seems too stress for me. First, I am not familiar with their application concept. Second, I have to get some super long script done and more to do. Third, I have some senior that keeps bugging me. And most important of all... I need to do it very quickly!!! That's what makes me soooo stress which I think it's the reason that I am getting gastric now.

But today... I manage to get one script done - the longest script! Hurray for me! >.< But still got so many to go... If I still don't find a way to manage my stress... I really might consider quiting the job. *sighs*

Yes I know I should be getting some help from others...which I did! I've been bothering nearly everyone and I just felt so bad about it coz everyone is busy. I really pity Sylphiel and Xell whom has to listen to alll my complains. Including the incident which I cried. No, I am not weak. It's just a way for me to release whatever stress piled up in me. It was not one of those bug "huh hah" cry. Just some sobbing. But I am all fine now~! *yeah* v^_^v

Good luck to me!


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