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Friday, October 20, 2006

2 different gatherings, 2 nights in a row...

One of my ex-classmate from APIIT(Nestum - erm... his nickame is Nestum, don't ask me why XD) is finally going to leave for Japan soon. Time flies. When he told me he will be leaving end of the year to Japan it was around April or May. Suddenly, it's nearly end of the year already. He will be working there, in Tokyo itself for about a year and will see how things goes. It's a long relationship between his current job and his future Japan company. If I didn't remember wrongly, it's his current company's boss' partner's friend's company. erm... haha... I think I am right :P

First gathering - 18 October 2006, 7:30pm @ Kiwi Restaurant, Sri Hartamas
Well... since he's leaving soon, and some of us are unable to attend his bigger farewell dinner. Me and another 3 went to have dinner with him at Kiwi Restaurant, Sri Hartamas. 5 of us chatting happily till late night. APIIT was really stressful from what we remembered back then, even so, I guess we were quite happy. LOL... The good old days, talking back about the past always makes me feel so old. :P

When I see them, all of them are so successful. What about me? I am not bumming around lar... Just that I am not working in some well-known company. haha... One of them in Shell, one in Accenture, one going to Japan, one more in Standard Charted. *sighs* It's not like my company it's not good (thought I am still too early to judge), it's just NOT well-known lar.

The food there was OKAY-lar. Nothing really special. I had Chicken chop - not bad. One of my friend ordered their seafood basket... hmm... he said the cuttlefish is really "hard" and chewy - not good. There's one food there that NO one should even try ordering coz it's NOT nice. It's the Spaghetti Carbonara. Have anyone of you ever eaten Carbonara with Tomatoes, Capsicum and Spring Onions??? It was horrid.

It was fun chatting and meeting up with them again. It seems like I am the only person keeping in touch most of them as some of them haven't seen each other for ages! We left quite late and since Nestum fetch me here, so he fetched me home. And... he was having cravings for Starbucks Hot Chocolate Caramel, we ended up back at Mt.Kiara. Was home at about 12am.

Second Gathering - 19 October 2006, 8pm @ Cheras before heading to Sg. Long
The second gathering was another meaningful one. We met up with our ex-Apiit lecturer. He was like our favourite lecturer and one of the best. :P He left APIIT. He was back in Ipoh for sometime and now he's back to teaching business in UTAR.

And all of you are wondering why Sg. Long? That's like FAR! yeah I know! But that's the UTAR campus my lecturer is based in and he do not have transport.

I haven't seen him for ages, and he still looks the same. The first comment he gave us was, "All of you put on weight huh". LOL... Yeah... I admit that. It was all fun chatting with him. He told us why he left APIIT and he commented that APIIT's standard is not as good as it used to be. The standards detoriate so much that he don't encourage anyone to pursue their IT studies there.

I can understand why he said that. We used to have lots of Indian lecturers but they're not bad. Though it's hard to get what they're trying to say. Now? They have lots of Middle East lecturers, those from Iran etc... They speaks Arab! I can't imagaine. During my time, all was still good! And now he's in UTAR... but UTAR standard in IT it's even worse than APIIT now. I seriously can't imagine. LOL...

It was all fun listening to him giving comments and since one of my ex-classmate is now a manager. Both of them were sort of like debating how you should handle your suborrdinates. LOL... We left about 11 I guess. On the way back, we took some wrong route... and ended up at Jalan Lok Yew. =_=" It was JAM. Good thing we weren't lost. hahaha.... Reach home at 12 am again. hahaha....

End of my story telling. Back to work and me is tired lar....


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