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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Happy Birthday Endoru!

Happy Birthday Endoru
and all the best with your studies!!!

Endoru is one of Xell and my secondary school friend. Knew each other for so long and you've spent quite a looong time in Japan already. Hopefully will get to see you soon! Didn't send you a present all the way to Japan... hope you don't mind. :( Give you a treat when you're back in Malaysia ok? BKT? Yau Char Keuy? hahaha....


  • Fried Koay Teow. Laksa. Duck rice. Satay. Yes, you are going to cheng me eat all.
    Thanks for this special greeting for me.
    Xell, thanks for the message on the board of my blog.
    Tell your other half that she was the only to send me an e-greeting
    and thanks to her for she made my day.
    Skyfish, well, missing all the good times we had and
    hope I can really enjoy those moments once again soon.
    Definitely missing home and yes, ages since I last went back.
    Well, you girls know what I am going through and what I need most
    is support from back home.
    When I get successful in the future, one ticket air-plane to you
    to Japan. *hehe* Mark my words, when I get successful.
    So, I may see you all in Japan next year ay.
    That's I guess perhaps the fastest time I will be able to meet you all.
    Till then and thanks once again for the wonderful memorable slot for me.
    I enjoyed the long, long chat we had, Skyfish and am very touched.

    Peace from the guy who has just stepped into the 2 dozen world life,

    By Blogger Endoru, at 22/10/06 3:19 AM  

  • eh i got sent u an e-card for ur bday too wor... but mine shud reach u on ur bday itself...

    By Blogger Xell, at 24/10/06 12:09 AM  

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