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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Try reading Cecelia Ahern and you'll get swollen eyes too...

When you spend most of the time using your brains a lot at work, you just want to just sit there and stare into space when you're at home after work...

Well... I can't do that as I'll end up screaming of boredom. Since I can't do anything much that requires the usage of my brains... I have resorted to reading chic-lite books when I have nothing else better to do at home when there's nothing good on the telly and my sis hogs the internet...

Anyway, have been following Cecelia Ahern's books. I love her style of writing, and she's good at pulling my emotional strings!

It started with "Where Rainbow Ends"... the very first book I read from Cecelia... thanks to Bee for lending it to me and sparked my interest for Cecelia's books! The narration for this book is definitely something different! It's a compilation of notes, letters and e-mails or all sorts of correspondence between the main characters and somehow all this can actually tell a story!

Anyway, "Where Rainbow Ends" centers 2 characters: Rosie and Alex who were meant to be together but somehow fate doesn't seem to be on their side. It's a sweet story and easy to read too, you won't get confused reading the different letters or correspondences.

Then, I bought my first Cecelia Ahern book, "PS I love You". Imagine finding your soulmate and losing him. Yes, this is definitely a tear-jerker, my eyes were swollen for weeks after reading this book... My tears just started flowing the moment I read the first few paragraphs and even after reading this book for the 3rd time, I still cried when I read the first page...
- insert pic of book/link-

Ever had an imaginary friend and nobody believed or understands you? Well, "If You Could See Me Now" understands you. Since I've never had an imaginary friend, thanks to having someone who looks exactly like me and is always around me and she's no imaginary person, it was quite interesting to read about imaginary friends. As usual, this is a sweet book, a little sad of course and I love the cover!

Cecelia's new book "A Place Called Here" is out in the UK, so I'll be waiting for it to reach Malaysian shores (but I'll just order from MPH and wait for them to call me). I can't remember what it's about but I'll definitely be getting it!

You can check out Cecelia's official website but I can't seem to access it at the moment... but oh well, I'll just post it here...http://www.ceceliaahern.ie/
You can also find her books from MPH


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