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Monday, November 06, 2006

Bad Dream...

I was having one of my worse day in office since I started my new job. I felt so dead in office the entire day until nearly all the colleagues in my office start asking me "what's wrong with you? You look so tired today..." Well... I had valid reasons for being so tired today. Though it might not sound as convincing but I swear I am telling the truth!!!

I had a bad dream before I woke up and got to work. Guess what I dreamt about??? You'll be surprised... hahaha... I actually dreamt that there was Tsunami coming. I was running away with my mom and while running I was looking for my sis and my dad! I could see a big giant wave coming out behind us. It was more than 10 feet high!!! Though it was quite far away, but once the wave falls... we will be swept away no matter how far we are!

I was running and running with my mom, and we manage to find my dad and sis. Then the wave falls...and the water just rushes over. Since I am quite short...obviously I was drowning! I couldn't see anything, can't breathe... Luckily I manage to get hold of my dad and I was clinging on him and thank god! I didn't drown and die in my dreams. haha...

And quite quickly the water subside... and I can walk on the ground again!!! Amazing huh??? And guess what I was doing after that? I was walking around the place looking for my backpack - which was clearly washed away by the Tsunami...

My colleague was quite surprised that I actually went through the entire episode in my dream until I could go and search for my bag instead of waking up in the middle once the wave hit! hahaa... I was quite surprised too! But it's quite often I have drowning dreams... but it's the first time it's a Tsunami. =_="

Now...with this kind of dreams... You think I can be awake in the morning? I don't think I felt like I've slept at all with all those running and drowning... Poor me... I must learn how to swim!!! Then I won't have drowning dreams anymore! >.<


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