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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Female Toilet on 7th Floor is so dirty!

Ok... You guys should've know I am now working in Mont Kiara. 7th floor of some block. You guys go figure out yourself which block I am at which I will not be revealing here.

Well... As all knows, Mont Kiara being some "higher" class working/residential areas and all... I would presume the toilet here WILL be cleaner. BUT NOOOOO! That's not what's happening here! >.< I wonder what kinda girls are actually working on 7th floor but I tell you!!! They sure are not some hygenic and highly educated in cleaniness kinda girls...

Yesterday, there were A PILE OF SHIT left on the squating kind of toilet bowl. NO! It's NOT flushed! The pile of shit is just sitting happily there. Hence, the entire corridor STINKS! God knows what was the girl thinking when she's doing her business. Something must've happen that she need to run away from her shit unflushed. Perhaps its too smelly, she can't take it herself???

And today... For females, you girls knows there's this sanitary bin in every toilet. You are suppose to wrap your pads nicely before u actually throw it into the bin. There's a paddle to step on. NO...I have no idea what kinda girls, if their mom actually teach them how to keep public toilets clean. I stepped on the paddle... the pad was just laying flat STICK to the cover. So when I stepped on the paddle at the bottom to throw things, I can see A USED sanitary pad stick on the cover!!! You know how disgusting is this????

I can totally understand if this is happening in some shopping complex toilet OR some highway public toilet coz god knows what kinda ppl uses the toilet. BUT NOT HERE! This is a OFFICE AREA! Girls are suppose to be MORE educated Right?? NO?? Then what the hell they study till you get some diploma/degree for???? I know they don't teach you how to keep toilets clean when you're in college/university. But younger age? Aren't they taught how to keep toilets clean???

Argh... I just find it so unbelivable that this is happening!!! HERE!!!! Plaza Mont Kiara! >.<


  • hahah! my office floor toilet is also quite disgusting....up to the point i actually missed my client's office toilet!!!

    By Anonymous ah_ya, at 27/11/06 1:18 AM  

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