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Thursday, November 23, 2006

I had the weirdest dream EVAR!!!!

Hmm...I wonder what's with the blog going on and on about weird dreams... Anyway I had the weirdest dream ever!!! haha... Not ever lar...maybe I will get even weirder ones in the future???

It was a really looong dream with a lot of weird stuff here and there and when I think about it, the entire dreams doesn't connect at all. Anyway... the weirdest part of all... I dreamt that my bf has an EVIL twin!!! They were both absolutely identical! I can't tell them apart. And I was out somewhere and the evil twin took me out.

The evil twin ask me to meet him somewhere at top floor of some building. In process of going up, I had to climb stairs which is dark and a lot of ghost/weird human at the staircase. It was scary!!! When I finally reach the top floor, of course it's just a normal office area and the evil twin was sitting there all bad mood and making ugly faces and thought it was funny with the ghost stuff...

Anyway... All this while I didn't know he has an evil twin, until the Good twin called me and told me he couldn't pick me up coz his car air-cond is spoilt. =_= and who the hell is with me at that time??? And it struck me suddenly that all this while, the evil twin pretending to be the good twin came and take me out. No wonder occasionally he will be in this seriously bad mood thing.... =_=

Apart from that...I dreamt that I was running.... and I was running to a school. And there's this staircase which is haunted... and the girl in front of me was running to the haunted staircase, climbing the stairs and she just suddenly trip and fall and dead. 0_0;;; Well, it's huanted staircase after all.

And I was learning Malay in some weird school with many students. =_= The teacher handed all of us different kinds of bun with different packaging and ask us to read out whatever word we can find on the packaging... =_=;;;; This is like SOOO Weird man...

Well... That's pretty much what I've remembered. And I just finish complaining about the evil twin thing to my bf since he fetched me to work this morning. And NO, he does not have a twin brother. I am safe! :)


  • *falls off chair laughing*
    omg the funniest part was when kc had an evil twin!!! hahahahahhahaa

    By Blogger Xell, at 23/11/06 9:35 AM  

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