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Monday, November 27, 2006

Movie: Death Note

Well, since Snakebyte complains that the only things we post about is dream and disgusting stuff... ok lor... let's post something which I desperately needs to complain over.

Yesterday, Xell, her sis and I went to watch Death Note at GSC, 1U. It was a very spontaneous decision as the day before we were out books shopping in Atria coz of the book sales! Shall blog abou that later...right now, I need to complain....

Being and avid reader of Death Note manga and now watching the anime series as well, I was really keen on watching the movie. As you can see from the poster... it looks really promising. The 2 main characters - Light (dark side) & L (bright side) looks ok to act as both the characters in the movie.

If you've been following the manga/anime, you might've noticed that there's pretty big changes in the storyline. Take for example Light is suppose to be single in the movie plus he's less evil and mean in the manga/anime. In the movie, he's portrayed as a really evil monster which would kill anybody with Death Note. Light is much more likeable in the manga/anime. For me, I'm pretty much fine and Ok with the changes they've made to the storyline in the movie.

But my BIGGEST dissappointment is... which has absolutely nothing to do with the storyline. Light in the movie is acted by some round face, not-so-tall and not-so-good-looking guy and L looks like his face has been all powdered up! Like he's just dip his face in a bowl of flour!!! =_= What happen to my good looking Light in the manga/anime???

I'm not lying or joking. Look!!! See with your eyes! Look at Light Yagami in the manga. Look at Light Yagami in the movie!!! *screams in horror* Isn't he like BLOATED? And I thought guys like Light in manga isn't that difficult to be found in Japan. But who they got to act as Light??? Everytime he appears in the screen, I have the urge to slap him! He just looks so annoying. Gaaah!!!!

Now pay attention to L. Look what they did to L in the movie?? They dip his face in flour! He looks like he's acting in some horror movie. He's acting as ghost or something. In the manga, L is suppose to look awake, smart and not dead!

Well, at least there's one thing I am happy about the characters. At least the Shinigami looks pretty much the same as the manga/anime. Well, it's computer graphics after all. But still, I think it's a pretty good job done here.

Overall, it's still a pretty good watch if you just don't pay so much attention to their faces.
LOL... In fact there's a part 2 of the movie coming up. Go watch the original one though. It's much better! In the anime, the voices of the characters are really nice. :D

One funny thing that happen in the cinema was there's this guy who fell asleep at the beginning of the movie and snore pretty loudly. Xell kept thinking it's one of our phone vibrating. The guy woke up in the middle of the movie and said "Eh?? Why liket his one?" haha...

p/s: As I was complaining to Xell over the fact that I wanted to slap Light in the cinema... I've mistakenly typed "Fat Found Face" instead of "Fat Round Face". It make sense to Xell and she didn't notice my typing mistake. haha...



  • hahaha fat found light...
    anyway, yeaaah I was seriously wondering whose *toot* phone was vibrating so damn loudly during the movie... i purposely asked u very loudly so tat the owner will turn off his/her bloody phone... but turns out, it can't b turned off at all unless ah ya kicked the chair... hahahaha
    and yeahh... Light is pudgy pudgy pudgy!

    By Blogger Xell, at 29/11/06 10:32 AM  

  • this movie is out? i want to watch it! read the manga online but only halfway and the website disappeared :(

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 29/11/06 8:25 PM  

  • well... You can watch it lar. Just download online lar... hahaha... my friend downloaded the movie ma... And the manga also can download online ma... she also finish downloading recently only. just don't have high expectation for the movie lar...

    By Blogger zen, at 29/11/06 10:34 PM  

  • yeah go d/l it lar since your line is more stable than here...

    By Blogger Xell, at 30/11/06 10:47 AM  

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