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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Vena Cork will get you hooked from the beginning!

Finally! I've finished both of her books! And it's excellent! Vena Cork is a new author. Both her books are psychological thriller. Her books are excellent, storyline's excellent too! The books will get you hooked right from the beginning. Once you started, it's quite impossible to stop reading. :D And the reason I started reading her book was coz of the title. It attracts me - "The Art of Dying" How cool is that?

Synopsis from Amazon:
Rosa Thorn's life, and those of her two children, Danny and Anna, were irrevocably changed when her artist husband, Rob, was killed in a hit-and-run accident. Now, almost a whole year later, Rosa is coping not only with the pain and grief of losing Rob, but with money problems as well. As Rosa and her children try to adjust to lives without Rob, a new school (for the kids) and a new job (for Rosa), the last thing Rosa needed was to have to contend with Anna becoming the apple of the local derelict's eye. And when a young girl is found murdered nearby, Rosa begins to fear for Anna's safety -- especially since she's beginning to sense that a dark and menacing presence is keeping an eye on her family...

Synopsis from Amazon:
Appearances are not what they seem. Rosa Thorn is enjoying the limelight at the opening of her late husband's memorial art exhibition, but what is about to happen is more traumatic than she could ever have anticipated. Friends emerge from the past offering something more sinister than goodwill. Behind the smiles lurk obsession and greed, and in the intensely personal and strange world of the Artist, old scores, rivalries and thwarted ambitions threaten Rosa's very existence. Who can she turn to when art and death embrace in the most chilling way imaginable?

Both her books are written in such a way that it is very difficult to predict who's the killer and all. The plot is full of twist and turn and very very engaging. There's a lot of suspense in the story and make you want to read on quickly. :D I love the way she build up each character.

The storyline and the way she wrote the book is kinda creepy and very dark. I actually had a nightmare about the first book. hahaha... Reminder: Must not read her books as bedtime stories. Both her books are inter-related because the story revolves around Rosa Thorn. I would recommend you to read Thorn then The Art of Dying but it's ok to read them seperately, you won't get lost in anway.

I would highly recommend both her books to anyone at all except for those who are faint hearted. Take for example - Xell. Hhahahaha.... It's actually quite scary if you have a very good imagination. Go read it! It's good!

p/s: By the way, she has a third book coming out soon (4 Dec 06), it's called Green Eye. Check it out!



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