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Monday, December 04, 2006

California Pizza Kitchen @ KLCC

Prior to the concert, all of us had our lunch in California Pizza Kitchen. Since this is not the first time I had a meal here, I very much look forward to having something different from what I had previously. My previous meal here was very satisfying. :D Though it's a couple of years ago (i know...haha)... I would assume that restaurants in KLCC would maintain a certain level of quality in their food.

California Pizza Kitchen is located at Park Mall on the first floor. If you take the escalator there's no reason why you will miss the restaurant.

The interior of the restaurant looks really classy and very comfy. If I didnt remember wrongly, if you look out the windows, you get a very nice view of the park. Unfortunately we didn't get the window seat. But since it's afternoon, it would be too bright for us if we were to sit there.

Peking Duck Pizza

I was getting a bit adventurous on that day and since my friend highly recommend this pizza, I gave it a try. And from what you see in the pic, it's no normal pizza. It's Peking Duck Pizza! There's pieces of duck, with peking duck sauce and there's lots of spring onion on top. First bite... *speechless* second bite... *speechless*

Overall, the pizza just taste very weird to me. =_= I dunno why my friend like it so much. I guess I am just not used to sweet pizza with spring onion taste. It was really really weird and I didn't quite like it. :( And I was not the only one who didn't like it, J find it weird too! This is definately a big NONO to me when I go there again. There's plenty of other good pizzas. :D

Rosemary Chicken Focaccia

The second dish we had is Rosemary Chicken Focaccia. Looks very promising, unfortunately... it tasted weird too. :( Ah...all the weird dishes in a day. The salad was really good! But the chicken was weird. It's written in the menu that there's white wine in it. I don't think I tasted much of the white wine. I tasted wasabi instead. =_= I think it's mustard.

According to one of my friend... she say the whole thing taste good if you eat everything seperately. =_= As in eat the bread, then eat the chicken... just dun eat them together, then it will be weird. Must be the mustard!

So sad that my second trip here was not a satisfying one. Ordered wrong food. :( Do go there and order other dishes coz the food is good. Maybe there's a lot of people who likes these 2 dishes, but definately not for me. Be prepared before you go to the restaurant coz the price is slightly on the high side. The peking duck pizza cost RM 30. I can't remember the price of the second dish.

I will definately go there again as they have plenty of other dishes to offer. :D



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