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Monday, December 11, 2006

Fish n Co @ 1 Utama

Last two Saturday's ago, I finally had a hair cut... yes, I can hear all my friends and stylist cheering as I was starting to look like a cult member but I wanted to keep my hair long so that I could swish my hair like the actress in "My Sassy Girl" but unfortunately, my hair's too thick to swish and could kill somebody in the process instead...

Anyway, after chopping off few inches off my long locks and my stylist was very happy with the results, she was swishing my hair left and right as it was so much more lighter now, me and ah ya had lunch at Fish n Co. We were given a very warm greeting (I'm not being sarcastic here, the waiter was really super friendly) and an introduction on the menu and the chef's recommendation for the day. Anyway, he was wasting his breathe on me coz I always eat the same thing... hahaha and when he mentioned that the chef's recommendation dish is a bit spicy, and I went "Spicy?" and he kept insisting that it's a BIT spicy. But like I said, he was wasting his breathe on me coz I already knew what I wanted. Anyway, to make his speech worth it, ah ya had the chef's recommendation and you know what, I actually forgot what the hell is the name of this dish! Haha...

And as usual, I had my Fish and Chips... yes... I love fish and chips.... Anyway, I love their fish and chips, the batter was crispy and not soggy and doesn't make me feel like puking after a few bites. So, I heavily recommend Fish n Co if you're looking for good fish and chips!

And we couldn't order any shakes as their blender was down that day but I had ... ok I forgot what's the name of this drink but it has cranberry in it coz it taste like my fav medicine when I was a child... And ah ya had 2 glasses of some lime drink as it was under this "Buy 1 Free 1" promo and in the end she couldn't finish both drinks coz I didn't want to drink it, it was dreadful! It's sour and bitter! Bleurrgghhhh!

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  • Yeah la Xell... There's so many things that you don't eat. Do you know that they have excellent Seafood platter... aiya...make me hungry only.... *drools*

    And the lime juice thing was like SOOO SOUR!!! >.<

    By Blogger zen, at 13/12/06 9:34 AM  

  • hahaha yeah lar, tat's y we didn't order the seafood platter, coz i'll end up only eating the fish n prawns... hahaha we'll only order tat if KC is there

    the lime juice was bitter too... bahh...

    By Blogger Xell, at 13/12/06 10:07 AM  

  • The fish i had started wif "W"...can't remember wat's it called....

    By Anonymous ah ya, at 18/12/06 10:42 PM  

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