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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Movie: Cicakman

No... I didn't watch it. (I think it's not out yet). And No... I am not gonna watch it... It's some Malaysia's most anticipated "blockbuster" for year 2006. I mean... that's how they advertise on their site la. Erm... it's made with some super CGI blah blah... high tech cam... blah blah... Suppose to have action and erm... comedy. Yes comedy. But it looks like 100% comedy to me more than anything else. Oh... and it's about this city - Metrofulus. hmm... Yeah... the movie got me very curious so I read a bit about it...

For me... it looks like some copycat idea of Marvel heroes lor... If you've been to cinema lately... You guys might've watched the trailer. I think you can find it in YouTube. (I think)

Seriously...I couldn't help comparing. This copy cat version of Spiderman looks SOOO bad. It features some famous actors from some famous comedy on tv. And there's KRU in it too. That's if you know who's KRU to begin with la.

I hate lizards A LOT. I mean... I seriously HATES them! And I am freaked out by them all the time. If I see a lizard near me...I will be 10 feet away from it. Not like I like Spiders very much either but... I love Spiderman ok! He's cute! But look at our Malaysian made Cicakman. Have you seen red cicak any where in Malaysia before? I don't even know why they came up with the idea of Cicakman. I know Malaysia a lot of cicak la... but why??? Why cicak?

Hmm... Klon this Professor Klon really clone man. Reminds a bit of Batman la... The black lips part. But feels like I've seen this Klon some where... Any idea where?

And last but not least...the most ridiculous of all. The ginger boys! Yeah..those orange head twin like fella are called ginger boys. My god... How on earth they named their characters one! It looks like orangie version of the twins fella from Matrix Relaoded. But the twins in Matrix looks SOO COOL. Argh... Look at Malaysian made Ginger Boys. God... I would rather watch gingerbread man in a movie.

Well... If you didn't get enough of Cicakman... You're most welcome to visit their website... ยป Cicakman Oh yes... they have a website...



  • that's so funny! hahaha... cant wait to watch it... not... although i think i hsould support malaysian made movies a bit...

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5/12/06 12:05 AM  

  • *falls off chair laughing hysterically*
    OMG OMG OMG I can't believe you blog bout Cicakman... anyway... there's a Keluangman cartoon on RTM1...


    By Blogger Xell, at 7/12/06 8:05 AM  

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