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Monday, December 04, 2006

MPO: Debussy

The usual gang went to this concert on 19 Nov. It's the same conductor as the previous MPO we went. Actually... we went to many other MPOs just that didn't have the time to blog it down. :(

Sun 19 Nov 06, 3.00pm

Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra
Matthias Bamert
Alain Lefèvre

RAVEL Pavane pour une enfante défunte
BARTÓK The Wooden Prince
RAVEL Piano Concerto in G

Music which made reputations. Bartók’s fairy-tale ballet score, written during the First World War, was the work which established his international reputation while Debussy’s glorious evocation of the sea is his undoubted orchestral masterpiece. Beside these are two gems from Ravel: his elegant Piano Concerto is probably the finest ever written by a French composer while the gorgeous Pavane stands as one of the most famous pieces of music ever to come from the pen of a Frenchman.

Actually, this was one of those MPO I was dying to go. Why? coz Debussy is my favourite composer other than Tchaikovsky. And if you see the pieces they have, one of them it's La mer by Debussy. Well... it was really really nice... though I can't remember the tune now. I knew I enjoyed myself hahahaha....

The Wooden Prince was the first piece for the day and it was reallly looooong. Some section of the piece actually got a little bit boring otherwise I still think it's nice la...

The star of the day has to be the pianist!
Alain Lefèvre! Why? coz he played the piano really really really good!!! Excellente! He played Piano Concerto in G and he played it full of emotion. Most of the time he looks like he's trying to crush the grand piano into pieces la. hahaha.... If I played like him, I think I'll break my arm first. hahaaha....

Anyway, we got his autograph! After the show, we were walking down the stairs and saw him chatting with other musicians! So... one my friend took the book and requested for his signature. He's such a nice guy. :D He kept going madame monsieur or something like that la... I can't remember what he say. But he's really polite and really friendly and very approachable. yah yah... sounds like I know him all my life. haahha... but that's the impression he gave all of us. :D

Ah... next time... we must go get more autographs! hahha....



  • Oh yes, the pianist was such a warm and friendly person. I was actually smiling genuinely to him coz I couldn't help it, he's such a nice guy!

    By Blogger Xell, at 7/12/06 8:07 AM  

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