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Friday, December 08, 2006

MPO: Nutcracker Screenplay

Christmas is near... MPO having Christmas performances lately. This is one of their very first Christmas related performance and also the most unique concert we've attended so far. It's a screenplay!

What's screenplay? Just read the explanation here at Wiki. :p I'm sure everyone roughly knows the story about Nutcracker and it's also one of Tchaikovsky most famous ballet piece.

The version we get to watch is George Balanchine's. This version stars Macaulay Culkin as the Nutcracker Prince. If you watch the original movie, there should be narration and conversation. But for us, we watch the movie while listening to the music. Most of the time the music manage to follow the movie properly but sometimes we can tell that the music is slower than the ballet dancers movement. :P I guess it happens... It's really difficult for the music to follow the timing of the movie.

This version of Nutcracker is really nice. I enjoyed the ballet very very much. However I must say that Macaulay Culkin acting was very stone in the movie. Some part... he was actually very funny and all of us was resisting not to laugh out loud. XD

Carl Davis is the conductor of performance. I think he did an excellent job. And there was a meet the fans session so we manage to get his signature... :P And I just found out that he received his BAFTA for Special Lifetime Achievement for his contribution to the worlds of Film and Television. Oh gawd... We've just met an important person... O_O;;;



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