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Friday, December 29, 2006

No Internet for so many days...

waaah... blogspot just ate up my post!!!! Now I have to retype....

Finally... I am back online!!! After so many days, I can blog and best of all I can log on to MSN! All thanks to the terrible earth quake in Taiwan which ruins nearly all the important submarine cables that carries the connection for Taiwan, US, China and Malaysia.

Our Internet have been a complete standstill and we can't access sites that resides in Taiwan, China, US, Hong Kong and Europe. That's like nearly everywhere!!! God... Thank goodness things are getting better now. Taiwan is trying their very best to fix up the ruined cables.

Life at work have been a complete disaster these few days. The only sites I can access was The Star and China Press. Thank god China Press is actually a very interesting site to read.

Anyway...Hello readers! I am back! hohoho.....


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