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Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy Birthday Xell and Ya!

Whoa... I nearly forgot it's Xell and Ya's birthday today. whahaah... Nolar... I meant to say, I nearly forgot to wish them Happy Birhtday here, at the blog.

Happy Birthday Xell and Ya!
May all your wishes come true for year 2007!

Well, it was one hell of a celebration this year. Nearly every year we celebrated birthday at their house. This time around, we celebrated in Neway 1 Utama. Mind you... it's really expensive ok... T_T But I had to be there. Coz If I'm not, Xell will make a hell lot of noise! *Imagining Xell screaming*

Well, it was fun, the food was not bad. Neway's food has always been better. Sad to say, Xell's present has still not arrive. It's still stuck some where, on the way from US. I dunno where's the plushie stuck at. I hope will arrive soon... I had to give her the plushie that she paid for and temporary replace it as a birthday gift. hahahaha... else she's not getting anything.

Ever since the new wing been built, they always close the road in front of AX to organize new year countdown. Hmm... I did caught a couple of pictures, will post it up later. That's not the point in this post.

The point is, we were stuck in the car park for nearly an hour just to go home. T_T yeah yeah... Sorta expected it... but it was not moving at all. God!!! And there's some stupid drivers who's not even trying to get out. The lane was not moving at all just coz the driver decided to let everyone else cut in front of him. grrr....

Well... thanks to Mei's extremely good driving skills and sense of direction. We avoided all the jam with a lot of my screaming, we manage to turn left right left right and cut in right in front of the exit. HOHOHOHO~~~~ In the end we manage to leave 1u earlier than Xell's car.

Well... wanted to have a round 2 at Xell's house. Ended up it was too late... 4 of us having their birthday cake and ate half of it at my house. hahahahaha... I think the other half... J gave it to them today. Well that's all for now. Ciao~


  • hahah...J left the cake in the car.....but i got myself tiramisu...yum yum

    By Anonymous ah_ya, at 1/1/07 9:00 PM  

  • FINALLY! i was waiting for u to post a happy bday greeting for me here!!! if not, i would haf post it myself... hahahhaa

    and no, i didnt get to see the bday cake from neway... i think the sisters must haf finished it up... hehehehe

    neway, i took pic of the horrid jam in the car park! n WL actually fell asleep while waiting for the car to move... hahaha we'll start screaming whenever the cars start moving, then he'll wake up! hahahaha

    n i waaaant my shigure plushie.... uwahhh

    By Blogger Xell, at 2/1/07 2:27 PM  

  • what? In the end you guys didn't get the cake? hahahaha.... It was not bad actually and we didn't take a picture of it. I totally forgotten about snapping a picture of the cake coz we were kinda in a rush. Enne needs to get to J's house coz her dad is picking her up. You guys never got to see tha cake... poor thing. hahahaha.....

    By Blogger zen, at 2/1/07 11:58 PM  

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