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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Movie: Curse of the Golden Flower (满城尽带黄金甲)

Last year, I mean end of last year, my bf and I went to watch Curse of the Golden Flower. I was actually choosing between this movie and Night at the Musuem. In the end I picked this. Sort of regretted picking this movie but yet again, it's not good but it's not "that" bad.

I went to watch this movie knowing that it has not got very good reviews and also not knowing what's the story about except for the fact that there's a lot of boobies. hahaha... Yes! I know there are lots and lots of people went to watch this movie not for the storyline but for the boobies. There are so much boobies on display...and they are not normal boobies, they are huge boobies that some tv show in China has change the title of the movie to 满城尽爆黄金奶. Direct translation would mean... whole palace full of bursting boobs. hmm... yeah... that sounds correct. hahaha...

Look, there's seriously nothing much to talk about the storyline. I finished watching the movie not knowing the objective of the show. I don't see a clear storyline or whatsoever. Except the most obvious thing is Gong Li's boobs. No, I am not joking, look at the pic. It's HUGE! When she walks really fast... her boobs bounces up and down.

I can see that Gong Li's boobs really draws a lot of attention. But behold... there are more! This pretty girl boobs is very powerful too and there's this scene where she's running! Imagine the whole palace full of girls displaying their cleavage?

Honestly, it's not that I don't want to mention any more things about the movie. Is just that... this cleavage thing is really drawing too much attention and at the same time, there's nothing really worthy shout about. As expected, Jay Chow still can't act. Still don't see any improvements though this character do not require much acting skills as well.

Chow Yun Fatt and Gong Li is good as usual. The storyline mainly going on about incest in the family. Damn a lot of incest. The movie ended really really unexpectedly. Audience will probably go Huh? and continue to sit there not knowing the movie as ended until Jay Chow's song starts playing.

Overall... not something I would recommend but I know lots of people watch just to see those cleavage on display. Go watch it if that's what you wanna see...



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