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Monday, January 29, 2007

Movie: Pathfinder

Been busy lately, too many things happening at work. *sighs* Sorry guys, never been updating. So simple post... here u go :D

Some last last week (I think!) I went to watch Pathfinder with my bf. I wasn't really interested in watching this movie coz seems like there's a lot of slashing and brutal killings (which there really is), I went to watch it anyway. :D

Man... it was a cruel movie. haha... I think there's some cencorship here and there coz really too brutal. However, it was actually quite fun to watch. But I heard some say boring. It was quite nice for me. ALTHOUGH... there's hardly ANY conversation in the movie. Just merely action. Average each character only gets to speak 2 sentences each time. And they rarely gets the chance to speak at all! whahaha....

Well... the main character is seriously damn good looking. I was wondering who is he. Must be some not-so-famous-actor but good looking. Seriously... he's actually Karl Urban. I seriously have trouble recognizing him... he's actually Eomer from LOTR. hahaha... Go watch it for yourself! hohoho...

Anyway, watch it only if you can stand all the brutal killings. Brutal ok? and I mean BRUTAL! hahaha...



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