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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

MySciFiFan Outpost @ Cineleisure, The Curve

This is one really interesting shop that caught my attention as I was heading up to Cathay cineplex. First, it's actually right in front of the escalator of the Cinema's floor, secondly, there was quite some figurines of Star Wars etc on display.

My bf and I decided to go in and checkout the place. Apparently, this place is not only a cafe, it's also a place that sells some action figures and their main idea is actually selling board games. Now, we're not talking about all those conventional board games like Monopoly etc, we're talking about eurogames / designer games / German-style board games. Whatever you call it, actually down to the end, it's still board game la... hahaha... The guy in the picture is actually the owner of the shop whom runs the cafe business.

One thing that really caught my attention was all these board games that I've never seen before. There's also a World of Warcraft board game! I saw Doom too! I am not familiar with this kinda games at all. We were just wondering around until, quite luckily, the distributor of the board games came approaching us and gave us a very long and very detailed explanation of what are all this things about.

He told us that these board games are known as Eurogames. Why? Mainly coz it's orignated from europe. Eurogames aka Designer games has a very big different with those monopoly games, all these Eurogames have the author name printed on the box. Designing these games are the same as author writing a book. It takes time to design and produce.

Eurogames are mainly purchased by 2 types of people. Just as the people that buy books. One type are those that buy everything under the same publisher, like Hasbro, another type are those that buy the games from the same author. Whether the games are good or bad, they will purchase it just to collect everything by the same author.

Another big big difference Eurogames have compared with Monopoly kind of board games are monopoly type of games are nearly 100% depends on luck and 0% strategy wherelse in Eurogames, it's 100% of strategy and nearly 0% of luck.

Board games like WoW really didn't come cheap. It cost RM 350++ (if I didn't remember wrongly). What really surprise me is they actually have an expansion to the game. Most Eurogames are multiplayer games (mutiplayer here means more than 3 players and some up to 10 players). Games like WoW follows the storyline exactly like the game you play on computer. There are many figurines in the game too! They're really good figurarines coz they actually created the game in collaboration with Blizzard.

There are a lot of Warcraft fanatic that bought the board game but have never play the game before! Well... they just bought it coz they want to collect another Warcraft item and the figurines. :p

Other games like Doom, where most are familiar with the online version are available here too. I was really surprise how can anyone play Doom using board? Well... for Doom, there's actually a game master whom controls all the monsters and the rest will have to play against the game master. If you have a very unsporting game master, chances are... no one will win the game coz he can control the monsters, make them powerful till no one can win. hahaha....

The above 3 pictures are how another game call Battle Lore looks like. This is a old time war game where you can relive the history and follow the many battles that happen in history. Most of these games actually takes up to 2-3 hours to complete some might take 3-4 hours.

Since most of the board games are quite costly, not many people can afford it and most of all, these games are not very popular in Malaysia yet, this shop actually allow everyone to try out their games for free, get a feel of how these games are like and if they like it, they might just found themselves a new hobby! The main aim of this shop is to rise the awareness that such games exists and also allow players to have a place to play these games.

I honestly find these games really interesting and I might just give it a try one day! If you guys want to know more about all these games, you can visit the site below.

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