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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Bored through my skull!!!

Ok... I know this blog haven't been updated lately. Been busy... been lazy... been unhappy... Many things happen la. haha... Actually I did try to update on weekend, for some reason I can't log in.

Anyway, I am currently bored through my skull at work. Not cause I have no work, it's more like... there's nobody around. >.< My office has 2 sections, one are the BAs and Sales, the other room are all SEs. Anyway... everyone is out in full force meeting client today. Some very important client so... even all the BAs are involved, except for me. :( I am still consider new here... besides I know nuts about the BI tool. haha... so the entire section only has me and another account girl. *sighs* Things will be like that for 2 days! But all the SEs are still around la...

Here's a couple of update over what has been going on for past few weeks.

1) A bit upsetting in office, with my dearest partner in crime and also the only girl in BA and sitting next to me leaving the company. She's got a better offer, who wouldn't go for a better offer right? Just that it makes me feel a bit lonely at work lor. :(

2) Actually, there's a couple more of my colleagues resigned too! Better offer as well, can't blame them. But they're like the people I know best at work. All ciao-ing... Upsetting right? Why can't I get a better offer huh??? Anyway, it's really a dumb thing to do - leaving a company coz everyone else is. So... I'll probably stick around a bit longer, I just got confirmed anyway. Which leads me to the third item...

3) I got confirmed! lol... Looks like I owe some of them a meal. It's an early confirmation though. I am suppose to go through a 6 months probation and I am now at my 4th month. Fast, congratulate me! The confirmation also comes with a sligth increament la.

4) CNY is coming... what more to do other than... Spring cleaning! Man... How I ate spring cleaning, but I don't have a choice kay! Still have to clean...

5) Planning my UK trip with Xell and Snakebyte. Blardy MAS flight tickets during Mas Travel Fair is still blardy expensive la! So call Travel Fair. >.< Blardy flight tix so expensive, damn those airport tax and the blood sucker fuel surcharge! They really should reduce the blardy fuel surcharge.

Anyway, planning the trip was A PAIN!!!! Coz we need to fly to Belfast from London so need to book more flights. Plan the date, then book accomodation. Now... all our Credit card has officially burst. hahaahaha.... But glad to say, everything has been well planned!!! UK here I come in May!!!

6) I've already applied my leave for the trip!!! 11 days!!! hohoho... it's gonna be a loooong holiday and being SUPER broke when I get back. But I'm sure it will be all worth it. The next thing to plan is the itenary of what and what-not to see in London. hoho... Being there for a year, I'll have to be a tour guide for the rest la. Damn~ ahahahaha

7) Apart from all the good things and bad things that happen... There's ONE pain I have to endure throughout my employment in my current company, which is - I have to suffer working with a c2pid person and have to answer and listen to all her c2pid questions. I am so going to die. I dunno how long I can tahan her before I actually chop her into pieces or maybe just strangling her. She should just stay at home and take care of her kids. She's so incompetence in her job and so blur and most of all STUPID. I hate to use this word on anyone, but sad to say, she is. =_=

That's all for now. I still have a lot of things lining up, waiting to be posted on the blog. But heck, when I am home, I'm tired. I'll work harder to post stuff la. hahaha... I'm planning to switch my blog some where else too. See when I'll get it done. Ciao for now~~


  • now i'm bored too... n i can't connect back on msn... bahh...
    *runs around screaming*

    By Blogger Xell, at 7/2/07 4:55 PM  

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